teens giving gospelThe purpose of the visitation program is to use the methods of door-to-door, follow-up and soul winning to fulfill the Great Commission:“Go ye therefore and teach all nations, Baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:”(Matthew 28:19).

Several types of tracts are used in the program.They contain information on how to be saved along with service times.Material is always left with the individual that is visited.

There are two primary door-to-door visitation times: Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:00 PM. Bus visitation is on Saturday mornings at 10:15 AM. Normal church visitation, which includes follow-up visits and visits made to visitors of the church, is usually done at the Thursday evening time.

There are three types of visitation:

  1. Soul Winning: Purposefully asking individuals about their eternal hope and explaining how to be saved.
  2. Canvassing (door-to-door): Going from house to house in selected areas to determine if the people attend church and/or need to be saved.
  3. Follow-up: Visiting individuals that have attended church, have been saved, have special needs and/or need to be saved.